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The work bridges an artificial lake and marks the culmination of her cube-skeleton series, which range in size from tiny brooches to monumental forms.
At the time that de Goey received this commission she had not undertaken any work of such a scale, and as a result, scaling the work up from her small models relied on the expertise of the engineering team at the farm, thus demonstrating the way in which Gibbs operates as collector, commissioner and often-times producer of the art works.
Marijke de Goey was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 1947 and studied at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Her work spans a wide range of settings and forms including bridges, trains, squares, poetry and jewellery. In 1985 she received the Art Award of the City of Gouda; in 1986 the Francoise
van den Bosch Award from the Boijmans-van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam; in 2001 she was honoured with the Royal Degree Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion; and in 2002 received the 1st Art Price at the 13th Biennale Poland. De Goey’s permanent sculptural projects include Butterfly Orbit (1998) and
Dragonfly Orbit (2000) in Graz, Austria; Waterfall (2003) Cumberland Hotel, London and The Alchemist (2007), Delft University of Technology.

The Mermaid
Welded and painted tubular steel
10 x 3 x 32m

Marijke de Goey